Disaster Mitigation

Friends, With our TERRORIST ENEMIES DAILY ATTACKS- hacking into the US Dept. of Energy’s Power Grid and Nuclear Controls (recently CONFIRMED IN FEDERAL RECORDS by: USA TODAY)

“The potential for an adversary to disrupt, shut down (power systems) or worse……IS REAL HERE— IT’S ABSOLUTELY REAL” says Scott White Professor of Homeland Security and Security Management “The DOE does not comment on ongoing investigations or possible attributions of malicious activity” Energy Department spokesman Andrew Gumbiner said in a statement after it was discovered by USA TODAY through the freedom of information act that within the last 48 month period, DOE reported 1,131 CYBER-ATTACKS out of which 159 were SUCCESSFUL in compromising the security of the US Department of Energy Computer System. A guy like me can only imagine what kind of plot our enemies have in store for us when they have successfully introduced a Trojan horse-style virus into our¬†power grid control systems, can you? With our aging power grid constantly being attacked by unpredictable and insane weather events, now we have this Very Real Threat to our SECURITY AND SAFETY AS WELL! So now it’s not “IF” but- WHEN will your lights go out? BE PREPARED! It’s not just the Boy Scout Motto, its WHAT WE DO! it’s what we are here for and why we started this business of Disaster Mitigation. Get your home in order, get prepared, protect your family and have some Peace of Mind.

Grady Vickery

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