I know first hand that Vickery Lightning Protection is a top tier company that provides a multitude of advanced lightning protection systems with quality that you can trust at a price you can afford. These guys go go go!

Nick Tinsley

Nick Tinsley,

I hired Vickery Lightning tens years ago to install my Lightning protection system. The main reason for this purchase was due to 3 lighting strikes within 300 ft of my home and the fact that the home in on a hill with very few trees around it. The first spring after I built the home a lightning strike hit the only tree in my front yard causing a lot of bark to fly off all the way to the ground. The next spring strike #2 hit a high voltage line on a power pole around a 100 ft from that tree blowing out power to the area. A section of the line had to be replaced by the power company. The next next spring strike # 3 hit that same tree again (yes lightning did strike twice at the same spot) this time it blew the top twenty feet of the tree in half falling to into the street. All three times I was home I heard a loud bang and saw the damage it caused right away. I called Vickery Lightning the next day. Since having the system installed I have not had another strike close enough to the home to see any damage. I have had my roof replaced with to problems. I would like to mention that I own an electrical contracting business and I am a licensed electrical contractor in the state of Georgia with over 20 years experience. I have a very good understanding of how electricity works, I have access to the materials used but I wanted the best people in the business to do the work and they are it.

Now when a strong storms comes I don’t worry like I did before.

Danny Blackstock

Danny Blackstock, Owner, Blackstock Electric

“Our thanks and appreciation goes to Vickery Lightning Protection for performing a first class installation on our Lake Martin home. The entire team was professional and courteous.  We were equally impressed with their knowledge and experience.  However, the more important point might be that each and every one of them was focused on performing the best implementation possible for us.  Lightning protection is not a product for which we wanted a cookie cutter approach and they were perfectionists at creating a customized solution for our home, our electronics and our boat dock. Plus the implementation was done in such a way that it does not distract from the beauty of our home.  We can highly recommend them with a full five star rating! Although no one can guarantee 100% protection from lighting, we definitely believe that we have the best protection that we can get.  Because their service in such high demand, it might require a wait, but it is well worth it for the best results and your peace of mind. And we definitely needed it after 4 unrelated lightning surges were followed by 2 direct strikes to our home 8 months apart. We all know that much of Social Media is filled by sound bites from a vendor or their ad agency but this contains only sincere comments in our own words.”

Don & Fran Birdwell, residents of Lake Martin and Hoover, AL

lighting protection installation

Lightning protection installation at Don & Fran Birdwell’s lake residence.


Don & Fran Birdwell, Lake Martin and Hoover, AL

Dear Grady,

It has been over two years since you installed a lightning protection system on my house high on a mountain in north Georgia. Before it was installed, I had lost five DSL modems, two routers, two satellite tv boxes, one stereo, and three flat screen tv’s to indirect lightning strikes. Since you worked on my house I have not had the loss of anything. Not only do you provide a product that works, the service you provided was tremendous. Your staff and installers are all courteous and friendly and capable. I was very impressed that when I had an issue with one of the grounds to the water pipes not being suitable to the water supplier- you came and made it acceptable personally, even though there was no real reason to change anything from a functional standpoint. Your product does what you say it does. Thank you for solving my recurrent lightning problem and erasing a host of headaches that were recurring on a regular basis. And most of all, thank you for great service.

Morris Brown

W. Morris Brown III, M.D., Chief, Cardiovascular Surgery