Lightning Facts

Lightning Facts – Did you know?

  • More Americans are killed by lightning than by any other weather phenomenon.
  • 55% more Americans are killed by lightning than by tornados
  • 41% more American are killed by lightning than by hurricanes and floods
  • In an average year, lightning will strike and cause significant fire damage to 18,000 homes and 12,000 businesses.
  • All lightning is deadly! There is no thunder without lightning.
  • There are always about 1,800 violent thunderstorms occurring around the world at any given time.
  • “Heat Lightning” is the reflected flashes from distant thunderstorms that are beyond the horizon, long out of hearing range of the associated thunder.
  • If you hear thunder – Get Indoors! Many lightning bolts can travel over 40 miles and these super strikes are extremely dangerous.
  • A properly installed lightning protection system along with a secondary surge protection system is extremely effective in preventing lightning damage.
  • When protecting your home, better a year too early than a minute too late!

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