Lightning Claims

Georgia Top State for Lightning Claims 2nd Year in a Row! Lightning may not seem as destructive as other natural disasters, yet a strike can cause serious damage to business equipment and electrical appliances, disrupt electrical service for long periods of time, and spark wildfires. In the past year Georgia has led the nation for…
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Disaster Mitigation

Friends, With our TERRORIST ENEMIES DAILY ATTACKS- hacking into the US Dept. of Energy's Power Grid and Nuclear Controls (recently CONFIRMED IN FEDERAL RECORDS by: USA TODAY) "The potential for an adversary to disrupt, shut down (power systems) or worse......IS REAL HERE--- IT'S ABSOLUTELY REAL" says Scott White Professor of Homeland Security and Security Management…
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Lightning Storm

Epic Lightning Storm in Georgia

Sixty Second Stormscape #002
April 4, 2012 Waycross, Georgia

Installing lightning protection

Re-discovering the importance of installing a lightning protection system Almost every home had a lightning protection system installed on it in the 1880s even through the 1910s until the great depression. It was considered a status symbol to have one installed on your home. After the depression it became less common for lightning protection to…
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