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Mission Statements

Provide the best

Our mission is to provide the best Lightning Protection and Surge Suppression Systems available in the world.

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Accurate and detailed

We will accomplish this by providing the most accurate and detailed site engineering, installing only the highest quality American made materials and devices and by providing superior installation services coupled with customer education.

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Customer Service

We will continually strive to offer the ultimate in customer service-the protection of their families, homes and businesses.

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We will continue to grow our company in a controlled, responsible and profitable manner. We will create a safe and stable work environment for each person in our organization that promotes a high sense of self worth by rewarding self motivation, innovation and creativity.

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a few words about us

about vickery lightning protection

Commercial installation

From our office located in Dahlonega, Georgia, Vickery provides lightning protection services to all of the surrounding states – Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. The western states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and surrounding areas are serviced from Great Falls, Montana. Wherever you are located, Vickery provides proven solutions to the high risk and constant threat of lightning damage to both people and property. With extensive experience in Life Safety Fire Alarm Systems, Digital Communication Systems and many other specialty electrical fields, Vickery Lightning protection is highly qualified in the design, installation and service of protective systems of any size and scope.

Vickery Lightning Protection is always looking ahead, we work hard to stay at the very cutting edge of protective technology as it is developed and becomes available. We will only use products and materials of the absolute highest quality. All of the products that we install are made in The U.S.A. and are all UL listed. If we install a system at your facility, you can rest assured-you made the right choice!, it will be of the highest quality and, built to last a lifetime.


Your peace of mind guarantees our success

Vickery Lightning Protection follows the GOLDEN RULE “Always treat others the way that you would like to be treated”.

We truly believe that the customer is our business and therefore-the future of our company. We constantly look for ways to improve customer service by making it the highest priority that each and every customer receives the same top-quality installation with a cheerful and helpful attitude that Vickery Lightning Protection is known for.

This attention to our customer’s needs not only helps them but also ultimately helps us because our approach fosters goodwill today and plenty of referrals from our happy customers for years to come.
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The best of lightning protection professionals

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