I hired Vickery Lightning tens years ago to install my Lightning protection system. The main reason for this purchase was due to 3 lighting strikes within 300 ft of my home and the fact that the home in on a hill with very few trees around it. The first spring after I built the home a lightning strike hit the only tree in my front yard causing a lot of bark to fly off all the way to the ground. The next spring strike #2 hit a high voltage line on a power pole around a 100 ft from that tree blowing out power to the area. A section of the line had to be replaced by the power company. The next next spring strike # 3 hit that same tree again (yes lightning did strike twice at the same spot) this time it blew the top twenty feet of the tree in half falling to into the street. All three times I was home I heard a loud bang and saw the damage it caused right away. I called Vickery Lightning the next day. Since having the system installed I have not had another strike close enough to the home to see any damage. I have had my roof replaced with to problems. I would like to mention that I own an electrical contracting business and I am a licensed electrical contractor in the state of Georgia with over 20 years experience. I have a very good understanding of how electricity works, I have access to the materials used but I wanted the best people in the business to do the work and they are it.

Now when a strong storms comes I don’t worry like I did before.

Danny Blackstock

Danny Blackstock, Owner, Blackstock Electric