Be prepared for severe weather

Be a Force of Nature: Be Prepared for Severe Weather! We have had some crazy weather already this year. This winter has been the 6th coldest winter in Georgia history. We had severe cold fronts with ice and snow followed by severe thunderstorms that brought tornadoes within days. We can only expect to have even…
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Fraud Alert

FRAUD ALERT! Requests for quotes on lightning Protection systems for homes is a daily task for us and is the mainstay of our business. Yesterday, I was asked to respond to an email request for a Lightning Protection System for a home in a nearby town. Before calling the gentleman by phone to arrange a…
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Lightning sparks fire

Lightning sparks a house fire in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

lightning sparks fire at home

Lightning sparks fire

A Gwinnett family had to find a place to stay after a lightning strike sparked a fire at their home. The fire happened just before the homeowner was about to go to bed at Thornapple Trail in Lawrenceville. Fire officials say severe weather was responsible for the house catching on fire.

Investigators concluded a bolt of lightning hit the roof and sparked flames in the attic. The homeowner told firefighters she was about to go to bed, when she saw a flash of light, heard a loud noise and smelled smoke.

Bob Kamer said he thought lightning hit his house, but realized it was his neighbors.

“When I first came out all I saw was a little bit of smoke and then you could see the fire shortly after that,” said Kamer.

“We fought heavy flames in the attic when we arrived at the scene,” said Capt. Tommy Rutledge of the Gwinnett County Fire Department.

Fire crews were able to contain the fire, but it gutted the inside of the home destroying everything inside. The homeowner was not injured. Family and friends are helping her with living arrangements.

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