Our house stands on a hill in an open hayfield. Consequently, we have felt vulnerable testimonial house photoduring thunderstorms and actually witnessed a lightning strike on a tree bordering our driveway. After two houses in the county were struck by lightning, we contacted Grady Vickery about installing a lightning protection system. We feel that the peace of mind that the system provides us has made it well worth the price.

In addition, we believe that the style of lightning rods that we chose are very attractive and contribute aesthetically to our home. Thanks for the great job!

Bill and Melodie Stinson
Junction City, GA

Bill and Melodie Stinson,

After building our house in 2003 it seems we were on a lightning magnet. Numerous hits and losses over the years. After the 3rd insurance claim we felt we had to do something or our rates were going to increase.

Starting with the Internet I started my research and come upon Vickery Lightning Protection. They came out to the house and completed a concise audit and a solution. We agreed to their suggestions in a two part installment and after the recent storms in the Atlanta area, lightning actually struck and blew out a transformer not 100 yds. from our house and we sustained no damage or loss of delicate items. In years past it would have been all kinds of items knocked out with even a hit miles away traveling through the ground and or telephone lines.

If anyone is having these kind of lightning issues I highly suggest calling Vickery Lightning Protection, their professionalism and installation of products were great.

Fred Bond
Newnan, GA 30263

Fred Bond,


That is, I returned to Vickery Lightning Protection when I moved to my new home. My Nancy Latham testimonialfirst experience with Vickery Lightning was in the mid 90’s and again in 2005 when I moved. One of the first things I did for my new home was call Vickery Lightning to come out and install the lightning and surge protection.

At my previous home, I had an out of town friend who is an electrician come to visit. He was curious about my lightning protection. He said that it was an excellent installation and that high quality materials were used. I was pleased to get an outside opinion showing that I had made the right choice with Vickery Lightning.

What sold me the first time, was that Vickery Lightning was the only one that actually went into the attic, got up on the roof and took precise measurements. They showed up at the appointed time and did the work at the quoted price. No hidden surprises. The installation was top notch.

I recommend Vickery Lightning Protection to anyone interested in getting a professional installation at a fair price.

Nancy Latham
Loganville, GA

Nancy Latham,

Dear Grady,

I guess it’s only human nature to take so many things for granted that are simply part of testimonialour day-to-day life. But this past week, Helen and I were sitting out on the porch of our home enjoying a nice evening breeze with one of our sons and his wife when a storm popped up seemingly out of nowhere. A bolt of lightning and thunderous boom chased us inside quickly. That’s when we were reminded again how fortunate we are to have our entire home protected by the lightning and surge protection system you installed for us nearly five years ago.

We continue to be thankful to you and your staff for making us aware of these products and the true peace of mind they constantly provide us. This system along with the Security Alarm System you installed for us has continued to reduce our annual home insurance policy expense by 20%, a savings of over $200.00 per year!

Hopefully, prospective customers of yours can see the great benefit of protecting their home as we have. You are welcome to share our comments with them and we encourage them to contact us directly for a personal referral. We greatly appreciate what you and your company have done for us and we wish you continued success in the years ahead.

Ron and Helen Maniscalco
Dahlonega, GA

Ron and Helen Maniscalco,